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Passed the Coronavirus Taxpayer Relief Act to provide much needed help for struggling homeowners during the height of the pandemic last year. This legislation waived or significantly reduced penalties that taxpayers would have owed for late payment of their taxes last year, which otherwise would have been due during some of the worst moments we faced as a community.​

He worked with State and local governments to make sure there was PPE and testing available to those who needed it, and he's now working to bring COVID vaccinations up to speed. As part of that effort, Westchester County facilitated local COVID testing in Peekskill and at other locations throughout Northern Westchester.

As Public Safety Committee Chair, he’s leading legislative review of the Westchester Police Reform and Reimagining Task Force, to turn recommendations into reality, with input from both community advocates and police.


This effort, launched in response to last summer's protests over the death of George Floyd, has been a collaborative process to establish best practices for our local police departments and work with them to ensure they are using those practices. Thanks in part to Colin's leadership, it hasn't devolved into some of the more angry rhetoric we've seen around these flashpoint issues across America.​

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