Police Reform

Implement the recommendations of the Police Reform and Reimagining Task Force. As Chair of the Public Safety Committee of the County Board, Colin will be responsible for leading the County's efforts to make the recommendations into reality.


That will include creating the new "Officer Accountability Committee" which will investigate potential misconduct, and ensuring that it provides a meaningful check on misconduct while respecting the rights of everyone involved in the process. 

COVID-19 Recovery

Ensure that we fully recover from COVID. The last year has been tough, and it will take a while for many of our most valuable institutions to fully recover. Our small businesses and our arts and cultural organizations in particular have borne the brunt of COVID.


Colin will ensure that they have support they need to come back stronger than ever and that they are able to take full advantage of all available aid. He'll also continue to work to ensure that we keep our seniors safe, safely reopen schools, and put people back to work.

Climate & Sustainability

Work on climate resiliency and sustainability. Climate change is one of the key defining challenges of our time, and it hasn't gone away while we've focused on other pressing problems for the past year.


As both a City Councilman and as a County Legislator, Colin has passed environmentally friendly legislation that moves us closer to a carbon-free future. He'll continue that progress and ensure that Westchester stays on track to hit our climate resiliency and carbon reduction goals.

Fiscally Responsible Budgets

Pass fiscally responsible budgets that invest in infrastructure and key priorities for our future. The cost of living in Westchester is too high, and we need government that makes it easier for working families to live and thrive here.


Colin has passed fiscally responsible budgets that reduced taxes while ensuring that we were investing in essential services that maintain our high quality of life. He knows how to strike the balance we need to deliver for Westchester.