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Contact: David Belsky;; 347-227-0055

PEEKSKILL, NY – “I am enraged. Today our nation got a look behind the curtain at decades of Republican deceit to stack the Supreme Court with idealogues hellbent on destroying the lives of countless Americans. With some justices having blatantly lied to members of congress when considering their appointment, a majority of the Supreme Court has agreed to a leaked opinion that unravels Roe v. Wade.

“Let me be unequivocally clear: a woman has the right to decide what happens to her own body, and we will never stop fighting to protect that right.

“Politicians always say upcoming elections are the most critical moment in our history. But, with the disregard for human rights that our colleagues across the aisle have shown time and again, it’s fair to say this threat is real.

“When this opinion becomes official, trigger laws banning all abortions will go into effect in more than 24 states. If Republicans win majorities in Washington DC this fall or the presidency two years from now, it’s nearly a guarantee that we will see a nationwide abortion ban. Even if they are a result of rape.

“The idea of precedent has been thrown to the wind. The stability of our laws is no longer guaranteed. What’s next? Contraception. Gay marriage. Healthcare. And, of course, the solution to all Republican talking points: eliminating voting rights.

"So what do we do now? For starters, vote. Register as a Democrat, vote Democrat, and tell your friends and family to do the same. While we can disagree on some issues, Americans must send a loud and clear message that human rights are not up for debate. If you can do more, volunteer or donate. Every minute or dollar you can give to a candidate or cause that stands up for true freedom will prove to be one of the most important investments you can make."

“I am so disappointed that in 2022 people living in the United States of America are still made to feel unwelcome and unsupported. Ours is a nation built on diversity and equality. Together we can actually make America great again, for everyone.”

About Colin Smith

Colin Smith is running to represent the 95th District in the New York State Assembly, which includes parts of Westchester and Putnam counties. Currently representing Northern Westchester on the County Board of Legislators, Smith was born and raised in Peekskill where he still lives with his family. To learn more about him and his vision to bring passionate, experienced leadership to Albany, visit


Contact: David Belsky;; 347-227-0055

Colin Smith (D-Peekskill), County legislator and candidate for State Assembly, today announced that he is proud to accept the endorsement of Cortlandt Town Supervisor Richard Becker, the entire Cortlandt Town Council, and the Cortlandt Democratic Committee. With a vote of district leaders held last week, Smith received 80 percent of the first place votes.

With close to 13,000 registered Democrats, the Town of Cortlandt has the highest weighted vote in the primary race for New York State Assembly in District 95. The Cortlandt Democratic Committee has shown itself to be one of the leading committees in the county, routinely electing Democrats up and down the ballot in this historically purple town. Currently the town supervisor and the entire Town Board are made up of Democrats who routinely deliver for their constituents.

“I am both humbled and thrilled to have the support of Supervisor Richard Becker and the entire Town Council in this race, as well as the Town of Cortlandt Democratic Committee,” said Smith. “Cortlandt is located in the heart of our Assembly district and I have had the pleasure of working with their local elected leadership for several years. Together, we’ve delivered real results for residents and I look forward to continuing this partnership in Albany.”

Smith, who is running to replace outgoing Assemblymember Sandy Galef as representative for the 95th Assembly District, currently represents the Town of Cortlandt on the Westchester Board of Legislators. A lawyer, experienced public servant, and small business owner, he has already earned the support of several labor leaders, members of local and county government, and now the entire Town Council in Cortlandt which comprises a significant portion of the 95th Assembly District.

Cortlandt Democratic Committee Chair Maria Slippen said: “I am thrilled that Colin has received the endorsement of the Cortlandt Democratic Committee. From public safety and the environment to affordable housing and securing funds for vital projects, Colin has proven that he is able to represent our community effectively as a County Legislator. He has consistently delivered real results for our working families and I believe he will continue to do so as our next Assemblyman. As the largest Democratic voting bloc in the 95th Assembly District, the Cortlandt Democratic Committee’s endorsement is one for the future of our district and the Democratic Party. Colin Smith has proven he can win hard races and we look forward to supporting his historic campaign for State Assembly this June and onward to victory in November.”

Cortlandt Town Supervisor Dr. Richard Becker said: “I am proud to endorse Colin Smith for State Assembly. As our County Legislator, Colin has always gone the extra mile for the Town of Cortlandt. He is always available to assist us in all ways,and he has always been responsive and aware of our needs. Colin is an environmental champion, public safety advocate, and an empathetic individual. I look forward to continuing our partnership in Albany come January.”

Councilman Jim Creighton said: I am proud to endorse my friend and colleague Colin Smith for NYS Assembly. Colin has truly delivered for the Town of Cortlandt and he understands the needs of our Hudson Valley communities. Colin worked hard to deliver meaningful support for Cortlandt's infrastructure needs, park improvements, environmental issues, public safety and the safe decommissioning of Indian Point. It has been my pleasure to work with Colin as he walked our streets, talked to our residents, stood by our striking nurses and fought for improving police services in our communities. As chair of the County's Public Safety Committee, he helped lead the County's (and Cortlandt's) efforts to improve police services and showed his skillful ability to bring people together as part of the County's Police Reform and Reimagining Task Force. He truly has a heart for public service, and will put his skills as a lawyer, small business owner and County Legislator to work for our communities in the 95th Assembly District. I encourage everyone to support Colin Smith for NYS Assembly.”

Councilman Frank Farrell said: "I am voting for Colin Smith for Assembly because Colin gets it. As a legislator, small business owner, and family man, Colin understands the struggles our communities face. As our County Legislator representing Cortlandt, Colin has delivered for us time and again through his work. By committing to fully fund our schools and keep our communities safe, Colin will deliver real results and real representation for our community in Albany.”

Councilwoman Cristin Jacoby said: "I'm excited to support Colin Smith for NYS Assembly. Throughout his tenure as Westchester County Legislator, he has consistently engaged with and represented the concerns of residents in Cortlandt, on issues from the environment to public safety. I look forward to voting for him in June."

Councilman Robert Mayes said: "I'm thrilled to endorse my colleague Colin Smith for NYS Assembly. Colin has a long and devoted history delivering for Cortlandt and its residents as our representative in the Westchester County Legislature. Colin is a committed public servant who understands the struggles our working and middle class families face every day. I am proud to support him and encourage my friends and neighbors to do the same.”

About Colin Smith

Colin Smith is running to represent the 95th District in the New York State Assembly, which includes parts of Westchester and Putnam counties. Currently representing Northern Westchester on the County Board of Legislators, Smith was born and raised in Peekskill where he still lives with his family. To learn more about him and his vision to bring passionate, experienced leadership to Albany, visit

Today, surrounded by local leaders in government and labor, Democratic County Legislator Colin Smith officially announced his candidacy for the 95th Assembly District, which contains parts of Westchester and Putnam Counties, including Ossining, Cortlandt, Croton-on-Hudson, Peekskill, Phillipstown, Cold Spring, and Kent. Smith is a member of the Westchester County Legislature, representing parts of Cortlandt, Peekskill, and Yorktown. He was re-elected to the legislature this past November where he is the Chair of the Committee on Legislation and formerly served as Chair of the Committee on Public Safety.

I’m excited to announce my candidacy for the New York State Assembly,” said Legislator Colin Smith. “I am proud of my record of delivering real results for the people of Westchester County-- focusing on policy while avoiding partisan fights and grandstanding. We have made real progress in the County Legislature by focusing on the things that unite us and the issues that matter most. I will bring this results-driven approach to Albany and the State Assembly for the good of Westchester and Putnam Counties.”

Colin Smith is a two-term incumbent in the Westchester County Legislature., where he has worked to keep our communities safe and affordable. Colin has played an integral role in the County’s efforts to improve and reimagine how we police our communities as both former Chair of the Legislature’s Public Safety Committee and a member of the countywide Police Reform and Reimagining Task Force. Legislator Smith has also worked tirelessly to help pass historic property tax decreases, address the County’s housing and eviction crisis, and ensure the safe decommissioning of the Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. He has been a force in the fight to protect small businesses, homeowners and vulnerable communities ravaged by the COVID-19 crisis by securing testing, food, vaccines, and PPE.

Prior to his tenure in the County Legislature, Colin served as a Trustee on the Peekskill Board of Education from 2012 to 2017, where he bolstered the quality of our public schools while remaining below the state-mandated property tax cap. Colin went on to serve on the Peekskill Common Council from 2017 to 2019 where he worked to enact environmental sustainability measures, modernize antiquated systems such as Peekskill’s web-based parking meters, and worked to ensure fairer and more inclusive hiring processes throughout the city.

In his two terms as County Legislator and decade as an elected official, Smith has earned a reputation as a passionate advocate for his constituents and delivering real results for the people and small businesses of Northern Westchester.

Colin, who was born and raised in the district, is a proud graduate of Peekskill High School. After high school Colin went on to obtain his BA in Philosophy at Cedarville University in Ohio and then his Juris Doctor at Pace Law School in White Plains. After ten years of working as a litigator in the New York Metropolitan Area, Colin went on to open his own practice in Downtown Peekskill where he continues to practice today.

Smith, who has already been endorsed by a number of ranking municipal and county officials and community leaders, concluded by saying: “I thank Assemblymember Sandy Galef for her decades of service to our community. As the baton is now being passed from one generation to the next, I hope to continue Assemblymember Galef’s record of strong representation and results for Westchester and Putnam Counties in the State Assembly. I also look forward to running a respectful, issues-based campaign. Policy matters, facts matter, and people matter, and that’s what this campaign will be about.”

Smith was also endorsed by a number of prominent elected officials and community leaders:

Westchester County Legislator José Alavarado said: “I am thrilled to endorse my friend and colleague County Legislator Colin Smith for State Assembly. Colin and I share a strong dedication to ensuring our underserved communities throughout Westchester are given the necessary opportunities to thrive. Colin has continued to be a strong force in the Legislature for families of middle and modest means, including passing property tax relief for struggling homeowners, aiding small businesses to help them survive the economic downturn caused by COVID-19, and addressing rising homelessness and evictions. Now more than ever, Westchester and Putnam Counties need a proven fighter in the State Assembly and I firmly believe that Colin Smith is that person.”

Village of Mount Kisco Trustee Karine Patiño said: "I am happy to endorse my friend, colleague in government, and fellow attorney, Legislator Colin Smith, for NYS Assembly. Colin brings ten years of experience as an elected official at nearly every level of government, first as a school board member and later as a Peekskill Common Councilman and County Legislator, however, Colin’s record of serving his fellow citizens extends far beyond that from his many years as a practicing attorney. Colin was raised in the district and he knows our communities and understands the issues firsthand. The district will benefit by having someone in Albany who possesses the knowledge and skills to provide them with the funding and legislative support they deserve. It is for those reasons and more that I am excited to support the only choice for State Assembly, Colin Smith."

Peekskill School Board Trustee and Democratic District Leader Allen Jenkins said: "I am proud to endorse my friend and colleague Legislator Colin Smith for State Assembly. Colin has always been an advocate for our students. As a school board trustee, Colin worked diligently to improve the quality of our public schools here in Peekskill while keeping property tax within the state-mandated property tax cap. Colin has continued to stand by our students and teachers throughout his time on the Peekskill Common Council, and now as a two-term incumbent in the Westchester County Board of Legislators. I have no doubt that he will continue to be the strongest of allies for our public schools in Albany, whether that includes ensuring Westchester and Putnam receive their fair share in school funding, or making sure our teachers have the resources to deliver an education worthy of the 21st century."

Local 21 Steamfitters & Plumbers, President Thomas Carey said: “As Business Representative for The Plumbers & Steamfitters HVACR Service Local 21, I support Colin Smith in his race for State Assembly. We need a representative who will continue fighting for good paying jobs and supporting Local labor and approved apprenticeship programs for all trades. We need a leader to follow the entire decommissioning project of Indian Point and to be certain that the residents are safe and assured that every step is followed through, including the removal of all radioactive materials. Colin Smith will be that leader in the State Assembly.”

Westchester County Corrections Superior Officers Association (WCCSOA) President Peter DiChiara said: “Legislator Colin Smith has been a voice of reason while as former Chair of the Westchester County Board of Legislators’ Public Safety Committee, a position he has served with honor and integrity. In his time in the County Legislature and as a member of the Countywide Police Reform and Reimagining Task Force, Colin has fostered a productive dialogue and sought to build consensus around divisive national issues to build stronger bridges between law enforcement and the communities they serve and protect. I am confident that Colin Smith will continue to be a leader and advocate for the brave men and women of corrections and other law enforcement in Albany which is why I am proud to support him in his campaign for State Assembly.”

Westchester Corrections Officers Benevolent Association President Neil Pellone said: “Legislator Colin Smith, as former Chair of the Westchester County Legislature Public Safety Committee, has always been there to have dialogue supporting safety and well-being for the women and men of unions and law enforcement. Most recently Colin has been open to pushing for a letter of resolution in increasing penalties for women corrections officers who are sexually harassed. Westchester COBA looks forward to working together with Colin up in Albany!”

To keep up-to-date with Colin's campaign, please visit our website at, like us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

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